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Hi, I'm Adam Culp (@AdamCulp), the host of Beachcasts. I enjoy sharing programming tutorial videos on YouTube and LIVE! streams on Twitch from my home in South Florida. Most of my content is about web development with a lean toward PHP and/or Javascript web application development to help developers like you, with your projects.

Much of my spare time, when I'm not consulting or speaking at conferences, is spent hacking on code for continued learning. So I decided to share the experience with others, through tutorial videos, who might also find it helpful?

I try to make the YouTube videos as high quality as I can, while the live streams on Twitch will not always be polished because I'm stream them as I'm learning something. But I'll try to make them as useful as possible.

My hope is to help others learn through my bumblings. I'm not the best programmer, but I enjoy sharing what I know.

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Below is a handy list of equipment I use for production, and Amazon links to pick it up. These links are affiliate links that support the channel, while not adding any cost to you. Thank you.

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